how to crochet a pumpkin items including balls of yarn and finished pumpkins

How to crochet a pumpkin

This month we wanted to share the pumpkin love and show you how to crochet a pumpkin!

How to crochet a pumpkin

  • Crochet a rectangle.
  • It needs to be twice as long as it is wide.
  • Chain enough stitches to get the height of the pumpkin you want.
  • We used chunky yarn, a 5.5mm hook and chained 25 as our foundation chain.
  • To make a ribbed pumpkin work 24 double crochet (DC) into your chain (miss the first chain) turn your work, and ch 1, on this row DC into the back loop only.
  • Alternate standard DCdc and back loop double crochet until you have achieved the length you need.
  • Slip-stitch your short ends together.
  • Turn your tube inside out, using a yarn needle, gather along one long edge, and pull tight. Secure by stitching tightly.
  • Turn back to the right side.
  • Now to stuff your pumpkin. We like a densely stuffed pumpkin!
  • Sew your pumpkin top up, as you did the bottom. Then sew long stitches to define the pumpkin shape, from top to bottom, pulling thread tight after each stitch.
  • When happy with the shape, secure your stitches at the halfway point.
  • For your stalk, make an icord stem, and when it is long enough, start crocheting onto the end to make a circular shape.
  • With your yarn needle, sew to the top of your pumpkin.
  • Alternatively, make a small strip of DC crochet, sew the two opposite edges together, stitch up one end and then sew an open end to your pumpkin.
A hand holiding a crocheted pumpkinTa-da you got a pumpkin

PS: can’t crochet? You could knit your pumpkin instead!

If you want a warty pumpkin you can add an occasional puff stitch. To puff stitch yarn over and pull up repeat into same stitch until you have 7 loops on your hook, and pull through all loops on the hook, chain one to secure.

You can use any size yarn for making pumpkins. Our preference is chunky and super chunky. You can vary your stitches and hook size to make a firmer fabric.

Megan’s suggested yarns:

We would love to see your pumpkins. Feel free to post your pumpkins on our Facebook page.